Mold Temperature Controller China

It Converges steam-forming Technology from Japan, South Korea, and Europe. The expensive and complicated boiler system was disposed of. Adopts standalone design and has a smaller size, it can be as portable as a commonly use mold temperature controller. The investment is small compared to benefits; clients are able to reclaim costs in a very short period. SOXI provides a complete traceless molding solution including traceless (highlight) mold design, mold testing, and production.

Why Should Choose Mold Temperature Controller

Soxi is one of the earliest mould temperature controller manufacturers. When other mold temperature controller suppliers were producing traditional controllers, soxi developed first mould temperature controller China for high-gloss plastic in car parts and home appliance.

  • E-MOLD system: With the use of mold temperature machine directly installed in the mold heating system, the mold cost is higher, and the expensive mold design royalties to pay.

  • RHCM system: Is the system that uses high-temperature and high-pressure steam as the heat transfer medium. The RHCM system is the earliest, and the mold of this system is relatively mature. The steam can not be recycled in the production process, and the boiler equipment needs to be installed, resulting in high running costs. Research and commercialization Manufacturers using RHCM systems are mainly concentrated in Japan (eg Ono, Mitsubishi, Fuji Seiko, etc.).